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Ilana's unique sand stories and sand performances captivate audiences around the globe.

“The Lavazza presence at Salone del Gusto of Turin was a great success, and your artwork was highly appreciated by the public and journalists,  and it has contributed to achieving very good results for the Company’s presence during this event.”


—    Francesca Lavazza


Sand Animation Commercials

Creating commercials with sand art is a great way to convey a message emotionally and compellingly. The essence of this technique is about taking different products and brands and amplifying their value. This is through a neutral form of art in which the viewers can connect to.

Through many years of experience Ilana Yahav has become an expert in translating abstract ideas into clear messages through sand stories. These have been utilized in different mediums such as TV, Internet, billboards, and more. Explore some examples below.

Transforming Brand Messages Into Sand Stories

Lieken Urkorn of Barilla

Client brief:

Commercial Message:

- Traditional methods

- Handmade

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Sand Animation Commercials

Custom Made Sand Animations and Performances  

Ilana Yahav’s sand art is spectacular in its own right, but it becomes a breathtaking vision when it is created and evolves on stage in front of a live audience!

Ilana makes magic happen by drawing on a backlit sand table, as a video camera above her records the work. The images are simultaneously projected to the audience, leaving them enthralled and engaged at every turn.

In her performances, Ilana draws the best of her creations, and upon request, creates new works tailored to the spirit of the event.

Sand art...

Sand Turns Into Magic on Stage

Corporate & Performances
Music Productions

Sand Animations for Music Videos and Concerts

Musicians from all over the world have collaborated with Ilana to create a unique experience for their audience. They do that by incorporating their original music with Ilana's art in live performances on stage or in music videos.

Check out some examples below.